Jaguar Fest 3

Jaguar Fest 3 Cancelled

Statement from Emerald and Universe

Dear Emerald and Universe fans.
We wrote this statement together because similar things happened to us.
The whole story is too long to write here ,
We are terribly sorry to be forced to announce that we will not be able to attend the Jaguar Fest. We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and to finally meet our fans in South America. Unfortunately the organizers of Jaguar Fest have not been able to arrange and purchase our flight tickets on time. Although there was all the time in the world, we have been forced to wait up until the very last minute to get any clear information about when we would be traveling. And when the intended day of travel finally arrived we stood ready with our bags packed and in time for check in we could only conclude that we did not even have a valid flight ticket and then it is of course, impossible for us to get on our way.
Again, we are really sorry for not being able to be there with you and our thoughts goes in first hand to all of the people who were looking forward to this.
We have really tried very hard to make this happen.
We feel very saddened that it has become this way and we really hope our fans do understand that we didn’t attend anything else than for us to meet.
Let’s hope there will be a oppurtunity for us to meet in the near future !
Sincerely yours / Emerald / Universe

Emerald 2018